From a fusion of pop and rock, a new equation was created, resulting in the raw and unique music of Bau. This 5-piece alternative Malay rock band was founded in early 2002 due to the initiative of Ash, who worked as a producer, arranger and songwriter whilst nurturing a vision to create a group that would lift the local music scene to a new level.

With music as the prime connection, Ash teamed up with Chot, Dino, Audee and An. Ash is the acknowledged pinnacle of the band, but truly, it is the band’s songs that separate them as accomplished artists. Fast forward to 2008 and Bau has undergone a few major changes, most notably in their lineup.

Former lead singer and bassist Chot and Audee have parted ways with the band, citing financial commitments and creative differences, leaving the remaining members in a dilemma as to whether to soldier on or call it a day. Band leader Ash chose the former, and 3 new members were subsequently recruited into the lineup.

After a few painstaking auditions and sessionists for former member Chot’s replacement, it was unanimously decided that Iss was the right contender to fill Chot’s shoes. Armed with funky and intelligent basslines, Nas was brought in to replace former bassist Audee whilw rythm guitarist duties went to Daud (D for short). Now with their new lineup complete, Bau is finally whole again. The band’s music has matured and features a more eclectic and progressive sound.

The band have had their tracks played in local drama Gol & Gincu. Their 1st album, Wajah Kita was released in pada 2004 and followed by their 1st EP. Bau’s second EP is released on May 15 and includes 6 tracks among them ‘Manifesto’, ‘Demokratik Republik’ and  ‘Anggun’ which you can listen to at

For bookings please contact: An 012 3323012 (KL and Selangor), Mark Paren 016 3736950 (KL, Sarawak and Sabah), Is 017 7297484 (Johor).