Barbie In The Trees

Every girl’s favourite doll Barbie can now be found on top of rainforest canopies fighting the good fight to maintain the health of our ecosystem. Dressed in hand sewn field clothes and equipped with a safety helmet, a crossbow for shooting ropes up into trees, a field note book and measuring tape, Treetop Barbie doesn’t care too much for Ken or looking good in a gown as much as she does for collecting vital data to save the rainforest. Go Barbie!

Still a concept doll (not sold by Mattel), Treetop Barbie was created by Dr Nalini Nadkarni, an actual treetop/canopy ecologist and respected professor at Evergreen State College. Hoping to provide a role model for kids and parents who are interested in alternatives to mainstream culture’s Barbie doll image, the Treetop Barbie Package includes a personal letter from Treetop Barbie herself, as well as some useful information about forests.

To get a Treetop Barbie, just make a $50 donation to the International Canopy Network based at Evergreen State College in Olympia, USA. Click here for more info.