bape cafe, tokyo

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ba1.JPGIf you can’t afford the threads there’s always Bape Cafe. The location of Bathing Ape parties and launches, the food is averagely priced for Tokyo but apart from being a little like heaven for Bape junkies – the ceiling and tables are ape shaped, the stools are decorated with the trademark camo-ape – it’s no doubt where the Teriyaki Boys, James Lavelle and the Neptunes hang out after stocking up. It’s also a great source of Bape souvenirs, which you can flog on E-bay, like sugar sachets, serviettes, and if your bag is big enough a tea cup and saucer. I still have an exceedingly rare MAC-Bape blotting tissue collabo if anyone’s interested. Normally expensive but presently going for a mere RM1999, packaging and postage not included. It’s a snip, Bape fans – you know it.