Banjo Or Freakout: ‘Dear Me’

London-based, Italian-born solo artist Alessio Natalizia (aka Banjo Or Freakout) has been gaining some buzz in the indie circle, of lately. And much of that is due to his crafting of buzz and fuzz over tangible dream pop sequences. Think of Toro Y Moi and Steve Mason in the same room and you’re not far off. He’s already put out 2 albums, played at SXSW earlier this year, and he frequently updates his blog with rewarding nuggets for fans.

His latest self titled LP might have been slammed by certain critics for being too spacey or capitalising on the ponderous chillwave, but beneath his layers of shoegaze is a compelling musician who won’t stop dreaming. And we need more of people like that. Hey, imagine if someone were to have woken up Brian Eno?

Listen to ‘Dear Me’ at