LISTEN: Bakers In Space Explores the Anxious Mind in Implosions EP

Young, fresh, and enthusiastic can be used to describe the boys of Bakers In Space, a four-piece indie post-psychedelic rock band from the little red dot we all know as Singapore. Clad in tie-dye t-shirts and bandanas for their promo images, Ernest Foo (lead guitar), Hafi Zainor (bassist), Amirul Hakim (drums), and Eugene Soh (lead vocals) make up the first indie band in Merlion city to have an official VEVO account on YouTube. Bakers In Space have also accumulated a large number of reach on Spotify, having over 120,000 plays since they first released their singles online. For an unsigned independent band, the members have done a lot on their own to get to where they are now, playing shows at some of Singapore’s homegrown music festivals like Baybeats and IGNITE! Musc Festival – but we mostly think it’s their energetic delivery of indie rock that does the trick. Injected with a bit of reggae and psych rock, Bakers In Space are what you’d get if Tame Impala, Foals, and Arctic Monkeys had a child.

Speaking of the Alex Turner-led English band, Bakers In Space could just be Singapore’s answer to Arctic Monkeys. In terms of sound, the band presents an overwhelming vibe of their main musical influences (the aforementioned band being one of them), without going too far from their own authentic sound. According to frontman Eugene, “Bakers In Space started off being inspired by early Arctic Monkeys till their Humbug era and a little bit of the Suck it and See album. But in recent years, bands like Tame Impala, Foals have largely affected the way we write our songs and how we develop our tonality of having ambient swells to saturated and octaved fuzz guitar tones.”

In an attempt to expand their artistry, the band grew to make original music together rather than just covering songs. Their latest material, Implosions, is a five-track EP that includes two of their previous hit singles, ‘Fools & Liars’ and ‘Mute’, songs that cover the EP’s general theme of adolescence, anxiety, and failing relationships. Lyrically, the songs are about the human mind when it’s exposed to too much stress and how that anxiety affects the way we function.

‘Fools & Liars’ – a track that depicts the youth of today and their obsession with “the high life” – can be an example of an identity crisis under the guise of problematic behaviour. Whether it be literal substance abuse or adopting a whole new persona that’s unfitting, the song doesn’t shy away from honest lyrics that call out posers for their act. ‘Mute’ on the other hand, tells the story of how “having a relationship amongst a group of friends can ruin the dynamics of friendships overall, especially when things do not workout,” in the words of Eugene himself.

Check out the official music video for ‘Mute’ below:

Bakers In Space is in the midst of planning a tour down to Kuala Lumpur. JUICE will be the first to get the deets so stay tuned to our website for more info.

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