BADLAB: Toiletries for Real Men

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Forget what the other toiletries brands are telling you; there’s nothing wrong with using the same shampoo for your head, body, knees and toes. There’s definitely nothing wrong for wanting to be the alpha male, or the caveman, if you may, and BADLAB has just the toiletries you need to put some hair on your chest!

100% Malaysian-made, Brave and Daring Laboratory, or BADLAB is a new, dynamic and differentiated brand, concocted to serve the unconventional and youthfully adventurous alpha male on the go.

From its packaging design, product concept, right down to the actual products themselves, BADLAB encourages men to go back to Adam, and unleash the “inner beast”, through an innovative range of toiletries that spans across six categories.

What’s so special and “manly” about BADLAB, you ask? Well, for one, their Caveman Cleaner is the ultimate three-in-one hair, face, body shampoo that serves for maximum convenience and minimum fuss. Heading to the wild for the weekend? The Full Body Armour is just what you need, with its non-sticky and SPF30 formula that not only helps defend UV rays, but also battles pesky mosquitoes and helps moisturise the skin.

Besides that, Lean Mean Machine is a shower gel that rejuvenates fatigue muscles and provides cooling physical relief, whereas Play in the Mud is a mineralising mud soap that reminisces on every man’s younger days of mischief in the mud.

Already impressed? Well, here’s more: the BADLAB toiletries range retails from only RM8.90 onwards!

Currently, BADLAB is available online at, and will be hitting our local selected retailers sooner than you think.