Bad Nenas! Bad!

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Life is certainly tough for a concert organiser. After bringing in Korn, NERD, Jamiroquai and all the other foreign devils, Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd has been blacklisted by the government. Ooooo…..

Adding salt to Pineapple’s wounds, the Information, Communications, Arts & Culture Ministry said that they would also appeal to the Companies Commission of Malaysia to cancel the company’s registration.

As far as permits go, the G-man said that Pineapple Concerts did not get clearance for Korn, NERD or even Indon band Agrikulture to perform at Sunburst ’09. Agrikulture was not given approval because there were 3 other bands from Indonesia performing at the show… and the days just get stranger

The main reasons why the authorities were ticked off were because:

– NERD allowed some of the audience to dance onstage (yeah… it’s a very high stage… what if someone fell and broke his/her funnybone?)

– Pineapple promoted the event beforehand and sold ciggies and alcohol at the event without approval.

– Korn’s affiliation with the dark side (When will they leave heavy metal alone?)

– NERD’s “erotic style” could cause our youths to lose their morals (Which are more valuable than their Ipods)

Isn’t it enough that we’ve managed to piss off music fans in Indonesia by harassing NERD to the point where the band have probably vowed never to return to this side of the earth again? Seriously … we hear you. You’re strong and you’re powerful. Now leave music alone!

To end with a quote from a Brit band who recently performed in Singapore: “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next…”

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