LISTEN: Syd’s ‘Bad Dream/No Looking Back’ is a Sign of Even Greater R’n’B Goodness to Come

Fresh off the high of her debut solo release Fin earlier this year, Syd the Kyd doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. After her recent collaboration with Korean alt-r’n’b producer Dean on his song ‘love’, ‘Bad Dream/No Looking Back’ offers a taste of what the Odd Future prodigy has been cooking up in the studio, and the result is a dark r’n’b/pop ode to what happens when FWB relationships start crossing over into new emotional territory.

Syd’s trademark ethereal vocals tell the story of carnal hook-ups and emotional detachment, a scenario familiar to most twenty-somethings stuck in a vicious cycle of doomed relationships. In the chorus, she sings, “We only kiss when we fuckin’ / So, we don’t get too attached / ‘Cause if this turns into something, we know there’s no looking back,” and the bittersweet sentiment in the lyrics paired with a beautiful sampling of Jodeci’s ‘What About Us’ makes for a dreamy, lovelorn track that is as honest as it is sensual. The song is taken off Syd’s new upcoming ‘feature soundtrack’ project, Always Never Home, and if it’s a sign of what the rest of the record has in store for us, we’re definitely keeping our ears open for more to come.

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