Azealia Banks: F*cking Up our Fun with More Fun

Diplo (he’s worked with M.I.A) recently produced Azealia Bank’s (formerly known as Miss Bank$)  new track ‘F*ck Up The Fun’. Does this track have interesting lyrics like its one-of-a-kind title? Why yes, yes it does. It’ll probably take you about 50 listens before you’re able to figure out what she’s sayin’, fo’ real, fo’ real, fo’ real (that’s all we got from the song, anyway).

If you haven’t heard of her before this post, here’s our quick portrait; she raps as fast as Nicki Minaj but sounds like Missy Elliot (some describe her as ‘hipster Nicki Minaj). She was nominated for Sound of 2012 and won 3rd place. Talent errwhere! Back to the song, the drum beats used in this track reminds us of music we heard in Drumline (you know, that movie Nick Cannon was in.. he played drums, duhh.. it’s cool..). So expect fast-paced drums, rap and interesting lyrics.

If you’re intrigued by that descriptive and helpful description, you can check out the song here!