Don’t Chicken Out on the Ayam Lejen Fried Chicken Festival

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“Ayam fun, ayam pretty, ayam beautiful, ayam me,” Dato Seri Vida was probably thinking about some good ‘ol fried chicken while writing those lyrics. Come on, who wouldn’t want to write about the ultimate crunchy, delicious comfort food. Good thing FriedChillies – the same folks who previously curated and brought the best of Nasi Lemak and Ramly Burger to one place – is hosting their first of a kind Ayam Lejen Fried Chicken Festival. Exactly, a festival dedicated to just that.

Sits are limited, so to all the foodies out there, you should mark off those two dates now as this will be Malaysia’s first ever (and only) Fried Chicken Festival. The event will be divided into four sessions (500 pax per session) with each ticket holder being entitled to all eight of Malaysia lejen-dary fried chickens. Get to buying the tickets already, then just show up with an empty stomach and you will be filled with an assortment of fried chicken types – drool over each one of them below:

Broasted Chicken King – Arabic spicy fried chicken

Gerai Ah Kow – Sesame horlicks fried chicken

Ayam Goreng Wak Kentut a.k.a. Khora – Fried chicken nasi lemak

Sweetree – Spicy Korean fried chicken

Nomms – Freestyle fried chicken popcorns

KGB – Halapeno salted duck egg buffalo wings

Zainul Nasi Kandar – Curry styled fried chicken

myBurgerLab – Special fried chicken sliders

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For more information regarding the sessions and event updates, click here

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