Axel Karakasis: Pandora EP

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If you’re the type that kneels down to worship techno music, then you must have heard of Axel Karakasis. But if you’re not familiar with the name and have no clue then you need to delete your Skrillex mp3 (which were probably downloaded illegally).

Axel started his DJ-ing career playing in small clubs in Athen when he was young. But his definitive moment goes all the way back to the late ’80s – when techno first raised its ugly synthesised head and when Axel’s courtship with electronic music saw a very different light.

By the late ’90s, he was already a star in the rising dance scene. From various club residencies to festivals, Axel made a name for himself as the most wanted techno DJ in Athens.

Recently he released a 6-track EP called The Pandora. With two original tracks ‘Making Stacks’ and ‘Pandora’ and remixes by DJ High Shock, Logotech and A-Brothers.

Axel stayed true to his style with a genre he refers to as “Groovy Techno” on his original mixes. While the remixes create a slight more funky and elaborate variation of the originals, with added psychedelia as a result of collaborating with DJ High Shock.

Always faithful to techno, Axel delivers all-fresh, brand new sounds that evolve. The Pandora EP is what it is – an answer to why techno is here to stay in a more innovative and funky form.

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