AVANSgers Assembled for Vans’ New Fall Collection with Marvel

That Black Widow slip on looks sexy af (source: Footwear News)

If there’s one shoe brand that’s proved its relevance through the test of times, it’s Vans. The skate shoe company has been kickin’ it since ’66 . While staying authentic to its concept, with the collaborations that Vans have done over the years with numerous brands, it’s hard to not get a pair yourself.

This time around, the hype of The Avengers has only begun. Remember that there’s still one last film before turning a new leaf, and what better way to relive your Infinity War experience while waiting for the end to come then with this new collection by Vans x Marvel?

(source: Footwear News)

You can literally step into Hulk’s shoes with these bad bois, although older people would assume that’s just gangrene. The collection assembles all your favourite superheroes whether they’re in the MCU or not.

Avengers heavy hitters Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor and rookie Spider-Man look hella cool, including some X-Men members such as Deadpool.

(source: Sneaker News)

That Wakandan details got us screaming “Forever!”

This collection isn’t just for nerds and collectors, a few designs, including the Spider-Man SK8-Hi and Vans x Marvel Authentic (available at JD Sports online), are exclusive for the little rebels.

(source: Footwear News)

We’re not sure when the collection will be available in Malaysia, but we can assure you that you need to start saving up now.