Adidas Originals Guide To Milan

In Milan? Adidas Originals has come up with a guide to the city as recommended by native Milanese


Diamond Life

JUICE jets off to Adidas Originals’ house party in Milan for a first and exclusive glimpse of their stellar Spring Summer 09 line

Fashion Retail

Zone 5

Get into The Zone with skate & streetwear store Zone5


Euphoria @ Ministry Of Sound Sunway Launch Party

The Ministry Of Sound comes to the city via the suburbs


Interview: Kat Von D

It’s Eastside vs Westside all over again


graff @ canal way

Let me back track to the canal now, after all that Banksy-worship, I can’t attribute these works to anyone since I don’t recognise the artists but thought I’d share ’em anyway. The first left makes me laff. Partly because it does try hard to be scary, but also I have the distinct feeling I have seen this […]