Keep Your Day Job: NBE (of SSK)

For the first time ever, laidback swag MC NBE, 1/3 of the Malay rap group SSK (Serius Selamba Krew) reveals the meaning behind his moniker!


Keep Your Day Job: Halfway Kings

Image Tenn Sen So you think you know Halfway Kings (Adeline Chua and Joachim Sebastian). They’re the acoustic duo known for their particular brand of unpretentious minimalistic folksy blues tunes. But bet you didn’t know that one’s an audio producer for the advertising industry and one’s a.. medical laboratory technologist. This month, JUICE talks to […]


Keep Your Day Job: Fuad (Kyoto Protocol)

Not to be a Debbie Downer but new column Keep Your Day Job sees local acts discussing with us just exactly what they do when they’re not busy pretending to be rock gods on stage. We talk to Fuad of Kyoto Protocol for the inaugural session and discover that bankers ain’t boring people after all.