Atas Maulana 2.0: The Hip Hop Gig That Will Get You Moshing

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Last month, local clothing/skate brand Quit KL in collaboration with Hoax Vision curated a small hip-hop gig called ‘Atas Maulana’ that gathered the youth for a night of fun. It went so well, that they will be hosting a second edition this Friday night at Intun.nation, TTDI.

JUICE went to the first gig and it was a breath of fresh air–a hip-hop show had the feel of an underground rock gig. The crowd were moshing, out of breath, smokers seen at the stairs, was definitely as hyped up as it should be.

Don’t believe us? Check out this recap video of the first show:

This time around, they’re serving us a fresh line-up of performers for ‘Atas Maulana 2.0’. From heart-hitting techno music from Rempit Goddess to screamo-rap from Ver2.K and many more, make sure to wear light clothes for a banging time (so that you won’t pass out from dancing/moshing too much).

For more details, visit Quit KL’s Instagram by clicking, here

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