Astro Hitz Spin Master Finals @ Zouk

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2 weekends ago, Zouk was heated up when Astro Hitz Spin Master‘s finals went down at the superclub, which started as early as 3pm. The competition has been going on since the 1st of October and finally reached the big finale with the chance of winning the title’s 1st champion with the chance to spin next to DJ TyDi from Australia! Let the battle begin!

This DJ competition is another great platform for new upcoming DJs to display their mixing skills on the decks with amazing prizes to walk away with too. The winner of Astro Hitz Spin Master gets to walk away with the title, perform with Australia top DJ TyDi at a well-known club and spend time in the studio with DJ/producers Danny-T, Hebebe and Baby Gee!

We arrived for the recording hosted by Joey G and battle starts at 8pm and took front seat next to the judges’ table of DJs Blink, Goldfish and Blastique for the finals. Melaka’s DJ Reeve took the decks first with his brand of hip hop and electro. It was funky and he has a good attitude behind the decks, but the defining point was went he took out his guitar and blended a beat into his set. That got everyone clapping and cheering.

Finals battle contender DJ Hightech was next and dished up some funky house breaks with a mix of minimal. The self-taught DJ’s set was giving props to the house music but was a little bit bland and his presence was not as memorable as DJ Reeve.

With that said, Mixology DJ Academy student DJ Reeve became the obvious champion of Astro Hitz Spin Master this year. He definitely took the tricks of all trade at this battle. All the best DJ Reeve!

Astro Hitz Spin Master Finals took place on Saturday, 11 December 2010 at Zouk. Tune in to the show on Astro Hitz (Channel 705) for repeats. For more pics, check out our Gallery.

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