AstraZeneca 2.0 Online Application Opens This 23 May With Priority For Senior Citizens

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(source: Malay Mail)

The government will launch a second round of voluntary immunisation using the AstraZeneca vaccine, with priority given to senior citizens, said Khairy Jamaluddin.

The minister in charge of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme told reporters today (17 May) those interested to receive the vaccine can register online starting on 23 May.

This time around, the vaccine distribution would also be widened to include three states outside the Klang Valley, namely Johor, Sarawak, and Penang due to their status as Covid-19 red zones.

(source: KJ Twitter)

“Following the overwhelming support for AstraZeneca vaccine that we received since it was opened on May 12, the government has decided to again open the opportunity where those interested to receive the jab can book their slots.

“However, due to our concern that highly vulnerable people should be protected, during this second round of AstraZeneca vaccination, senior citizens meaning those aged 60 and above will be given the priority for early access in registration.

“This is an effort to protect them and speed up the second phase of the immunisation programme,” Khairy said during a virtual press conference this afternoon.

According to the minister, the government would open the registration to other groups after 26 May, if there are slots still available. Priority would also be given to those who are already on the waiting list from the first round of AstraZeneca vaccine distribution.

(source: Malay Mail/ @terry_ibs Twitter)