assault, we hardly knew ya

I was at The Loft in Zouk last night covering Sessions, The Loft’s weekly showcase of some of the best local DJs. Last year’s JUICE DJ Quest winners Assault & Battery were spinning their last set for the foreseeable future, what with one half of them, DJ Assault aka Aiman, leaving for the UK this Sunday. I got there a little late, but hey, it’s drum and bass. They started late too, so it was all good.

I must say I don’t know Aiman as well as I would like. We always meet at events, so there’s never been all that many opportunities to just sit down and hang out. But he’s a funny guy, always up to something. And between him and Basil/Battery, the KL dee and bee community has been getting a Roni-sized dose of headsplitting good music.

Last night’s crowd wasn’t all that large, but it was big on love. The backbone of the community showed up, and though it was just a skeleton crew, it was fortified with calcium. Assault & Battery will be back. Have faith. Be nice to Battery, he’s feeling blue. Easy, ebbiting’s gwoine be eyre no.