Asics Gel Lyte III & Asics Gel Lyte V ‘Bamboo Pack’

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source: Asicssource: Asics

Bamboo, what can it not do?

It holds a very special place in the Asian culture. The austere plant is prominent in all matters of life: Panda grub, the only reliable material for scaffolding, and weaponry are just a few among its other impressive uses. Now, the woody bamboo has become the style inspiration for Asics’ new collection for the Fall/Winter season. The bamboo colour palette — which happens to be appropriately autumnal hues of brown, olive, yellow, and orange tones — is the earthy accents to ground your fledgling street style. To differentiate the the Gel Lyte sneakers from each other, the Gel Lyte III has a tan suede body with orange overlays while the more expensive Gel Lyte V has a luscious olive upper with similarly coloured details.

The subtle combination of buttery soft suede and muted earth tones presents an unexpected alternative to all the leather, prints, and general sprightliness that’s eating up the sneaker market.

The Asics Gel Lyte III and Asics Gel Lyte V ‘Bamboo Pack’ are available for €119.90 and €124.90 via Allike Store

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