Asia Rises in NY

Project EAR takes you behind the scenes of their latest project in upcoming rockumentary Rise of Asia. Documented by the makers of Astro Hitz’s The MV Grant, trail along with them as they travel on their make-or-break journey to the States for their very first performance at the CMJ Music Festival in none other than the Big Apple. For those who aren’t familiar with CMJ, it is the musical platform that has launched many different artists today, think acts ranging from hip hop’s it-boy Wiz Khalifa and indie-to-mainstream crossover band Arcade Fire.

Before the 2-parter docu air on Astro Hitz on 22 and 29 November, you can catch the webisodes leading up to them to get an inside scoop on some of their ongoing rock-out sessions as they prepare for the festival before it all culminates in the real show. Expect known faces of the industry the likes of Yuna, Robert, Lil Jon, Robert Singerman (Music Developer who have worked with big names such as Beastie Boys and REM) and heaps more!

Watch the webisodes here. The Rise of Asia 2-parter rockumentary will air on 22 and 29 November on Astro Hitz Channel 705 at 9.30pm.