Ashes Boutique

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Ashes Boutique
1st Floor 22A Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru, KL.
Tel: 03 2287 7911

What’s in a name?
Young, budding female entrepreneurs make Telawi street what it is today – an area full of boutiques to dry anyone’s bank account and while we come by the truckloads with cash and plastic ready in hand (and sensible shoes to combat those stairs) it seems that with more boutiques comes competition. As a result the Telawi market becomes over-saturated with boutiques selling the same ol’ products as every other boutique on the street. So how does that make newcomer Ashes boutique any different?

Ashley, the owner (duh) says “I try to stay away from what most of the street is sourcing. Its like fighting over the same slice of the cake! The clothes that are in Ashes are the clothes that I could see myself wearing – which is a bit of everything really. I could go from sweet to slutty to anything.” Because of that overall look of the boutique, Ashes Boutique feels highly personal – akin to walking into a friend’s wardrobe and finding something you’d like to borrow, per se.

With the loft style interior and the couches it also feels like the friend’s house you like to hang in everyday. A simple, unfussy place that lets the clothes do the talking.  With a price range of RM30-RM200 of clothes, bags and accessories there is something in here that you will definitely attract you like say, an LBD accentuated with thin shoulder pads and peacock feathers or that bag I just bought…

Good to know that with a price range like that, the quality of the clothes are superb. Are there any plans in the future to design her own clothes and possibly her own jewelry? Ashley replies, “Maybe. We’ll see.” Unlike most of the other boutiques in Telawi, JUICE is pretty sure the quality of clothing won’t deteriorate anytime soon. Chinese New Year is round the corner. Shopping anyone?

Clientele Fashion driven females who see Telawi as fashion Mecca, this is another level of heaven for you.

What A little boutique that houses everything a girl needs to spend all her dough on.

Where In good ol’ Telawi area, along Subway.

Price RM30-RM200. Its a steal!

Open 11am-7pm everyday.

Parking Be prepared to do quite a bit of walking as it is impossible to find parking nearby. Best bet is to park in Bangsar Village 2 and take a walk. Remember, sensible shoes is a must!