Asahi Super Dry Beer

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More alcohol in the country! It’s great timing since it’s the festive season and everyone could use an additional choice in the market! Carlsberg Malaysia recently revealed that they have been awarded the rights to brew Japan’s number 1 beer, Asahi Super Dry locally. However, quality control is of top priority to Carlsberg and Asahi Breweries. So no reason to worry, folks! Asahi Super Dry is brewed in a unique Karakuchi style to give the beer a clean, crisp and refreshing taste with no bitterness.

Keeping in mind that the trend of beers locally have gravitated to individual preferences, the drinking experience is also taken into consideration. The environment of the launch featured a venue from a Japanese garde to a pulsating club arena that kept guests entertained and engaged by creating shifts in sights, sounds and tastes. The launch was designed to encourage guests to rediscover their love for beer with Asahi Super Dry. The evening saw 300 guests unlocking their imagination in the streets of Tokyo with DJ Faith, and a entertaining Harajuku dance troupe; experiencing the energy and excitement of Sydney with Dennis Lau and beatboxer Shawn Lee; and to revel in the cosmopolitan high life of New York with singer Cassy and rapper Vandal.

Asahi Super Dry will be made available on tap at selected bars, concept restaurants and high-end eateries nationwide. For more information, please visit

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