Art For Grabs Pres. Poetically Correct

Date Sat, 2nd Apr '16
Time 5pm - 10pm
Venue The School, Jaya One

This poetry reading will feature the works of 10 poets, all of which have rather curious personalities such as Aiman Azri, a hungry writer who eats his own words, and Andrea Tee, a professional teacher and writer who is covered in skin — never seen that before! Then there’s Muhammad Zhafir, he aspires to be a spoken word artist, his style is mainly focussed around wordplay and rhyming structure, while Pavithrah Sambu is a self-titled unicorn queen and poet-vigilante who writes big things using small words. Next is Alin Roslee, her creative process comprises of mostly weeping (said in self-deprecating jest), and Nabila Najwa, someone who is described simply trying to be a good person. Of course, there are more individuals who are part of the lineup, we’d definitely recommend aspiring poets, creative writers, and non-literary folks alike to check the event out as there’s bound to be one lesson everyone can take home.

More information on the event here.