Ariz, Malique and Liyana Jasmay ‘Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang’

Qarma Musics is on a mission to bring Malay hip hop back – with Malique in the drivers seat and emerging rapper Ariz riding shotgun. Radio friendly with a rap singing style, JUICE got invited to the Qarma headquarters for a super exclusive preview of the unreleased track ‘Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang’. Featured on the track is Ariz, Malique and actress Liyana Jasmay.

‘Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang’ literally translates to the ‘best of the farm’ but word on the street figures that it’s a Malay catchphrase for all the scene kids meaning more or less ‘the cream of the crop’ or the best of the best. Inspired by this, Malique and Ariz hatched up this infectiously catchy concoction of rhymes, singing and beats. Malique is meant to represent ‘yang terbaik dari ladang’ of hip hop, Liyana Jasmay of film and Ariz is set to be the next best harvest of the hip hop crop. It seems like Malay hip hop is returning, this time not standing a chance of being knocked out. Qarma Music is a testament to how Malay hip hop is still culturally, socially relevant and musically mind blowing at the same time.

‘Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang’ first started off with just Ariz and Malique at the helm, and the rap duo decided to add an element of surprise and spice just for the fans – bringing in the beautiful and talented actress Liyana Jasmay to rap and sing! Even her fans would be one of the last to say that the actress would be able to rap; yet ‘Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang’ proves otherwise! Emerging rapper Ariz is one of the artists under Qarma Music and so far has shown loads of potential. Armed with a quick smile and witty answer, Ariz will be dropping his album sometime next year. Ditch the wailing indie trend and reacquaint yourself with this fresh, updated take on local hip hop. Get ready to bop your head to ‘Yang Terbaik Dari Ladang’.

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