Zouk, 113 Jalan Ampang, KL
T: 03 2171 2075 12pm-6pm, 016 332 3191 aft. 6pm
[email protected]

Model behaviour at all times.
Watered down drinks, poorly mixed slop, cheap ass house pours, that’s usually what you’d expect to hear of a big superclub’s liquid offerings. Not at Aristo. Open 3 days a week, at Aristo, Zouk’s glittery new champagne bar, only the finest bubbly is dished up and when it comes to cognacs and whiskeys, it’s almost as old as its airbrushed clientele.

At Aristo the clientele are young upwardly mobile movers, shakers and the drop dead gorgeous. Take its Thursday night Ladies’ Night. Already the city’s hottest Ladies’ Night, sexy celebs and It bloggers, Sarah Lian, Joyce Wong and Kim Ong have gotten behind the bar for it and even JK of Jamiroquai was spotted there. Aristo’s music quality is similarly stellar: Shazz is resident and in its short life thus far, Haze and Melissa Indot have performed.

Naturally, this members-cum-champagne bar has its own private entrance and with the Zouk club team sacrificing their boardroom to the priviledged, there’s now plenty of room to kick up your designer heels around the sprawling island bar. The inclusion of nests of lounge spaces in dark velvet hues and partitioned areas keep things intimate and the lounge’s highly limited membership policy looks set to keep things that way. So if you get in these doors, work it – through genetics, hard work or the art of the blag, you’ve probably earned it.

Clientele Models, celebrities, It girls and boys, and young CEOs. If they look good or smell like money, chances are they’ll already have draped their heavenly bodies over the velvet lounges.

Drinks Champagne cocktails are the specialty; JUICE is partial to the Champbull. Get more for your considerable buck: it’s 50% off between 10pm and 12mn on glasses or jugs of beer and spirits. On Thu ladies luck out with a free flow choice of cocktails.

Eats You know the drill. Get it at Relish @ The Terrace Bar. It’s just downstairs.

Music policy “International” and “varied” may sound like bywords for a rum bag of records but DJ Shazz is on quality control. He eases things in with the care of a surgeon on Thursday with the finest funk, soul and Latin house vibes, then stitches things up for the weekend when it all shifts into high gear with lashings of electro, deep house and funky house music.

Open Thu-Sat. 10pm-2am weekdays, 10pm-3am weekends. Thu sees men’s mag Clive helm Deluxe, KL’s hottest ladies night to date. Fri’s Soiree and Sat’s Aristo Beats has Shazz and international guests keep it classy.

Cover Unless you’ve been guestlisted, it’s Thu: RM28 ladies, RM38 men, inc. 1 drink; Fri & Sat RM38 ladies, RM48 men, inc. 1 drink. So work your charm and have Aristo extend you an invite to their exclusive invite only group page for guestlist opps and specials.

Door policy Guys have got to be 23 years and above, girls have got to be 21 years and above. And they check ID – so bring it.

Dress code In the words of Master Yoda, do or do not. The international models that make Aristo their home come casual albeit labelled up, the rest of Aristos’ denizens dress for success.

Parking If you party here, you were probably dropped off or you valeted it out front. If you’re DIYing it, Maya Hotel will keep your ride safe, unless you like living on the edge.