Are We Lost: A Search For Malaysian Pop Culture

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Imagine what Star Wars would’ve been like if Darth Vader was Malaysian? Or if any of your favourite fictional characters or bedtime stories were localised, for that matter. Gavin Yap pondered the question and it naturally led to the making of this exhibition. A few local artists have produced limited edition posters of our urban legends and history with a pinch of Western culture (think Darth Vader donning some batik prints). The vibrant artworks that’ll be on display are created by Sandra Khoo, Lefty, Kenji Chai, Michael Chuah, Zamzami M. Zaid, and Katun. Head over and connect with the artists and their respective artworks, or discuss what our pop culture identity really is.

Date Saturday 22 August ’15 — Sunday 23 August ’15
Time 12pm
Venue Studio 267, Bukit Damansara

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