Arctic Monkeys: Suck It and See (Domino)

Having hit the ground running in 2006 with their first and fast selling album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not it was only a matter of time before the fresh-faced indie band hit a ‘hiccup’ in their musical career.

Since the release of Suck It And See this year, negative reviews have jammed the web and quite frankly, music magazines’ aren’t digging it.

You could say that a high percentage of the songs scream cliché, but this is what hooks in the percentage of fans that will rant and rave about this album. Tracks such as ‘Reckless Serenade’ and ‘Piledriver Waltz’ are golden in terms of lyrics. The beat lacks groove, but Alex Turner’s husky voice is something quite spectacular. If he can’t charm you into listening to the rest of the album, nothing will.

Musically, this album is nothing special in comparison to their last victory, Humbug but it is by far their most scattered selection of songs and written lyrics. Even the track ‘Suck It And See’ presents a bit of a ‘what the…?’ reaction. Apparently her “love is like a studded leather headlock”…Right.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, the album does showcase a few treats. ‘Library Pictures’ stirs up a mash of frenzied guitar rhythms and ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I Moved Your Chair’ shines brightly with its hooking melodies. The frosting on the cake, so to speak, has got to be ‘Brick by Brick’ as the chorus sticks, thickly in your mind.

If you were expecting rough, psychedelic showstoppers like their previous track ‘Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’, you’re probably going to be disappointed. You may not have to put on your ‘Dancing Shoes’ this time, but if you’re in the mood for some serious chill with a dash of class, you’ve stumbled across the right album.

LISTEN TO: ‘Brick by Brick’
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