Apes And Androids: Make Forever Last Forever

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The year is 3009. You’re riding on your space-unicorn, firing laser arrows at Martian harpies like Flash Gordon…. A futuristic orchestra playing space dance, Apes and Androids is New York’s best kept secret. This ultra-tight 5-piece band might be young in age, but we swear by Great Galactus that they sure know how to write a rock opera (complete with Bohemian Rhapsody harmonic chants). Like a galactic Viking voyage, A&A’s debut album Blood Moon takes you on an epic journey. Imagine, Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Beck’s Midnight Vultures clashing on the dancefloor with Prince and Queen as dance partners. JUICE‘s personal pick on this grand album is ‘Make Forever Last Forever’, the soundtrack to our Mothership’s take-off! Already huge on myspace and for their vivacious live shows, which include confetti, cheerleaders, giant silver skulls, face paint and even a Korean drum circle, if you haven’t heard A&A yet, you must be living on another planet.

Join the chorus and ‘Make Forever Last Forever’ with Apes and Androids at www.myspace.com/apesandandroids