Another Ban?

Oh lawd. Another nutcase job of banning superstars coming to our shores. First, they let Pussycat Dolls slipped into Sunway gig which later the organisers got fined, Beyonce canceled her appearance, thinks Avril is too hardcore and now Rihanna because “her stage costumes and dance routines are “too sexy”” according to an article found on Guardian. *rolls eyes*

Oh come on! Let it go already PAS. ‘Sexy’ is everywhere from TV to magazines, so as long as it’s not a strip show or Marilyn Manson, we will still continue to question you. Maybe they are just looking at any opportunity to create a buzz. So in the article it says,”The party said her revealing outfits and suggestive dance moves featured in the show were an insult to Asian values and outraged local cultural mores.” Pleaseee. Then continuing the fight for her not to come, the leader of PAS, Kamaruzaman Mohammad was quoted to say, “Whether Rihanna realises it or not, we know that the taxes she paid also contributed to the war in Gaza,” and that it was an insult to the eastern culture.

According to the organizers, Rihanna had already agreed to put on something decent for her show, just like what happened to Gwen Stefani. Pineapple Concerts’ Razman Razali already cleared it with the Culture, Arts and Heritage ministry and the artist is aware of the country’s regulations.

If things like that is not allowed, but songs like ‘Too Close’ by R&B group Next which talks about a man getting an erection dancing next to a sexy girl is allowed? Why isn’t Maxim magazines banned from the newstands or Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ completely banned? Putting a black marker over the boobies and bleeping the word ‘kissed’ just don’t cut it. We ain’t stupid.