Announcing Converse Rubber Tracks Studios

Toca Do Bandido_hires

Converse Inc. has recently launched a programme that offers aspiring musicians a remarkable recording opportunity at one of the 12 most prestigious studios in the world with world-renowned producers and sound engineers at no cost. Yes, Christmas did come early. Converse Rubber Tracks will be accepting demos and samples from any part of the world (and any genre at that!) over a two week period; Converse also encourages applicants to send in a brief artiste biography in the form of written word or a video when applying. As if the opportunity isn’t badass enough, Converse is also offering to foot part of your travel expenses! Do you think Converse would accept a trianglist? We play that flawlessly. We’d do anything to see the interior of Abbey Road Studios, Sunset Sound or Toca do Bandido.

Live our dreams, folks. Sign up right now. 

Check out the invitation below:

To register or for more information, click here