Animal Abuse: Don’t Force Your Pet to be a Show Dog

(Source: Global News)

Animals are the purest creatures that have been placed on this planet. It has been scientifically proven that having a pet will increase your happiness, reduce your stress and provide other health benefits.

We love cute animal videos, they’re cute, they’re adorable, they’re all around wholesome. But there has been a new genre of animal videos taking storm and major traction on the internet: animals acting like humans, particularly, dogs walking like humans.

Over the past weekend a particularly disturbing and equally heart-wrenching video of animal abuse that happened at Sunway Pyramid circulated Twitter. Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lover (or any other animal lover) you would most probably feel very enraged when you watch this video.

The video above showed a couple walking their pet dog on its two hind legs, and also caning and kicking the dog when it dropped back down to all fours. The dog continued to comply to its owners and attracted attention of some passing by H&M.

Dogs, naturally, are not supposed to be walking on their hind legs for long periods of time as they could in fact hurt their back, and if done continuously for long periods of time it can be detrimental to their health. Dogs may not express their physical discomfort all the time, but it is important to note that dogs are highly capable of hiding their discomfort to please their owners.

There are many three-legged disabled-dogs around the world, and they can get accustomed to moving around with their remaining 3 legs, and have little mobility issues. But for disabled-dogs who have two out of four missing legs, they will need accommodations and require dog wheelchairs for their own safety and comfort. Dogs have four legs for a reason.

Though the person who videoed this incident didn’t report or confront the owners (which they should’ve) it is a good reminder for all of us out there to be weary of instances where dogs are unnaturally walking on their two hind legs for longer that they should. If you see any forms of animal abuse please confront the owner, or if not, report it. You may be saving the animal from any more unwanted pain.

Should there be stricter laws against animal abuse? Let us know!