Taking the Meaning of One-Man-Band to a Whole New Level: Meet Ang The One Man Orchestra

Ang The One Man Orchestra (ATOMO) is not your typical one-man-band; Angga Tarmizi incorporates a plethora of musical instruments including — but not limited to — guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, synthesisers, and percussion into his performances without the need for looping aids (or more than four limbs). As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he performs both lead and harmony vocals in his songs too.

“I wanted to push the boundaries of the ways people played music,” Ang said in a Q&A video uploaded onto his YouTube channel. “After years and decades of playing music in a band […] I got bored and I needed a new outlet to expand the horizons in terms of how people make music.”

His performance of ‘Eid Mubarak Rock 2017’ is a fun way to close off the festive season, with Ang launching into a full-on band performance guaranteed to rock your socks off.

Alongside his own original material, ATOMO also performs covers of classic rock hits such as AC/DC’s ‘Back to Black’ and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’.

Keep up with ATOMO’s headbanging shenanigans on his Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.