Andrés Godoy Malaysian Tour: Never Give Up

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Chilean Andrés Godoy is an inspiring guitarist who at 14 suffered a horrific accident that caused him his entire right arm. Despite this harrowing tragedy, he strived against it and continued to pursue his passion for music and guitar. Through daily practice, Godoy developed his own style of strokes, taps, scratches, and rasquidos, resulting with melodies and even a whole song with just one arm. For two nights, you can expect to be both awed by his technical ability and be inspired by his motivational talk, in which he will offer his wisdom and insights gained from his personal adversity.

Catch Godoy disseminating both uplifting life advice and fantastic guitar work at the first free workshop. 

First Workshop
Date Wednesday 17 December ’14
Time 8pm
Venue Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Wisma MCA
Cover Free

Second Workshop
Date Friday 19 December ’14
Time 7pm
Venue Indoor Hall, Shaftbury iTech Tower, Cyberjaya
Cover Invite only

More on the event here

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