And they’re off to Japan! TBS DigiCon6 Winners Announced

The Malaysian leg to the  TBS DigiCon6 competition saw local animators working around the clock in the race to represent Malaysia in Tokyo, Japan. After judges shorlisted it to a top ten list, and a 3 week public online voting process, the race is over. Previous years saw only the top winner being sponsored a trip to Japan for the regional TBS DigiCon6, but for this year, the generous team at MSC Malaysia has managed to gather the resources to send the top 3 winners!

And the winners are…

Vending Machine (Honourable Mention)

Designed with an Anime tone, a normal guy finds a vending machine that sells supersuits ala Iron Man. And just in time, cause he needs to save a damsel in distress. The animator, Talen Chin Kean Wei, earned himself an honourable mention, and with that a RM500 cash prize and a certificate.

The Amazing Awang Khenit (3rd place)

This sizzle trailer of The Amazing Awang Khenit was animated by SEAD Studio (formerly known as Black Hole Studio, and they have big plans for the cute little superhero. It’s very much a mix of local folklore, superman, and Sang Kancil if you ask us, and yes, it’s as awesome as that sounds. Coming in at 3rd place means that the team walks away with a cash prize of RM1,000, a certificate of participation and a flight ticket to Tokyo.

Kitik (2nd place)

Every guy knows the fear that comes with the horrific idea of circumcision, and Kitik explores this fear through the eyes of a child as he goes through a highly exaggerated nightmare of the traditional process. Light, colourful and humorous, you’d be surprised to know that Kitik is a student project by a group going by the name Bakekok Productions. As their prize, they’ve received RM2,000 cash, a certificate of participation and a flight to Tokyo.

Origanimals (1st place)

Giggle Garage wins the grand prize with Origanimals, a planned childrens animated series that follows the Awesome Four (geddit? A4?) as they go on adventures and help other Origanimals in need. Just based on the 3d modelling alone, Origanimals hands down takes the cake. By placing first place, Giggle Garage gets a cash prize of RM3,000, a certificate, and a fully sponsored trip to Japan to attend the regional TBS DigiCon6 in Tokyo.

For more information on MSC and TBS DigiCon6 in Malaysia, check it out here. Or if you want to check out the other top ten finalists check ’em out here.