Anchor Smooth Reveals a New Look

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For those who enjoy kicking back with a cold brewsky in their hands will be no stranger to the quality taste of Anchor Smooth.  The beer is now paired with a younger, bolder outlook, for a younger, bolder taste? That’s how they have been “keeping it real since 1933”, as opposed to keeping it fake, like other beer we know.

Combined with it’s fresh new look and key beer notes, this favourite local beer was recently awarded the Monde Selection Gold Award this year. It’s brewed in the European pilsen tradition, using the finest quality hops. The brand spanking new packaging has hit the markets already, in batches since August. The official rollout will be taking place this month, making it’s debut across restaurants and entertainment outlets in Malaysia.

The new branding of Anchor Smooth will hit the markets this month so be sure to scope your local supermarket for the new look!