Anaabu Eid ’16 ‘Essence of Amity’ Collection

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We’re still very early in the month of Ramadhan, but as you’re fasting, we know some of you are already thinking of or saving for your Raya outfits. The Anaabu Eid ’16 ‘Essence of Amity’ collection features 15 designs that make up five complete looks and three looks that are unisex. Along with traditional Malay pieces such as Baju Melayu, Baju Kurung, Kebarung, and Kipas Sarong, the collection incorporates contemporary garments as well. Take for instance its pants of various cuts – wide leg, ankle length, and the hybrid skants (skirts and pants).

The muted clothing, though comfortable and practical, still retains an understated air of style and individuality. It goes without saying that these pieces can be transitioned past the festivities to be incorporated into your everyday closet. The selection of cotton and linen fabrics, gentle tones, and prints would not disrupt your attempt at mixing and matching with existing items in your wardrobe too.



Anaabu Eid ’16 ‘Essence of Amity’ Collection is available for purchase via Anaabu’s online store. Prices range from RM169 to RM349.