An Origami Christmas at Tokyo Street

Who would have ever thought that origami pinwheels could make up an awesome 12-foot Christmas tree? Made out of multi-coloured pinwheels, it’s definitely a sight for rainbow loving people, and a change from the usual Christmas tree. Asides from that, The Jekyll and Hyde Project located in Tokyo Street Pavilion KL will also save you the trouble of choosing another mundane gift for Christmas with their array of quirky and homemade gifts for sale.

As we all know, Japan has that knack for quirky, unique, and cute gifts, all of which are available for sale on Tokyo street from now till the end of December. Ranging from fashion to lifestyle to household items, you’ll definitely find something out of the ordinary for that special someone. For some Christmas activity, you can check out their DIY Pop-up Christmas Card workshop, origami workshop, and Japanese gift wrapping sessions being held in conjunction with the Christmas spirit.

For more updates and information, check out their Facebook page.