Amy Winehouse To Clean Up?

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Ahh… Amy in better days. How we loved her. We love her still despite the abject mess she has made of her life. Yes, despite her crazy self, you can’t deny that Amy has some golden pipes on her and mad talent for heart wrenching song writing. Does that mean she is gonna get all cleaned up soon? After so many false starts we can only hope. But seeing as Amy has launched her own record label Lioness with Island Records and a new album is in the works, weirder things have happened.

In an interview on BBC News, Island co-president Darcus Beese is reported to be raving about the impending album, “I’ve heard a couple of song demos that absolutely floored me.” He also said that the singer had been writing and recording. Amy has also returned to work with Salaam Remi who also worked on Back To Black. No wonder we haven’t seen Amy in the tabloids lately, she bee too busy to miss be-hiving (harf).

Amy’s last album Back To Black released 3 years ago sold 10 million copies and won her 5 Grammys. Sadly success and man problems got her embroiled in a whole lot of “health” issues. But with new materials in progress and Universal Music Group already referring to it as “sensational” we can’t wait!

That’s not the oly good news. Amy’s 13-year-old goddaughter Dionne Bromfield is Amy’s first signing to Lioness; Dionne’s album was recently released. Amy is definitely seeing clearer now.

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Source BBC News