American Idol History??? Whateva!

Horkay after this we won’t breathe, twit or even mention American Idol, but man, have you checked your Facebook updates this morning to find your inbox swarmed with the results and your friends’ opinion about it? Well we have and despite being threatened and forewarned by those who are waiting patiently to watch it tonight, we’re still posting the winner here…

Congratulations Kris Allen! Although many quipped Adam Lambert to take the trophy home, the dark horse has won and will probably make a record no one will remember. For those who only followed season 8 American Idol because of Lambert and wept when your hero didn’t take the coveted prize, it’ll alright, look at the bright side, Obama is still president!

In the meantime, the final show is still worth watching. Some of the final contestants were given the chance to share the stage with the likes of Queen Latifah, Lil Boots, Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, Cindy Lauper and heaps more. Even Kara the judge sang and had an indirect showdown with Bikini Girl. All for good measure!

Now perhaps everyone can go back to their normal life again and stop spamming Facebook and every other alternative forms of communication with the results. And as for us, we’re just happy it’s finally over!