American Idol Can Kiss My…

Maybe it’s because we find their produce too saccharine sweet or perhaps it’s the mainstream element that puts us off – we like being pat on the back for discovering a great underground band or having our own unique music preferences, still there’s no denying the pull American Idol has on a lot of people even though they call themselves bonafide pop idol haters.

We don’t (really) hate pop stars – in fact we secretly want to be them, but we do despise all the drama that comes with it, especially in a reality-competition like this. It seems the sadder their background story, the higher their chances of winning. I knew I should have told my teachers my pet died at the school’s science fair…. 

For a while, many refused to admit they run home every evening to catch the showcase, but that was until Adam Lambert (eyeliner and all) came into the spotlight and gave us a reason to come out in the open. Lambert is your modern day David Bowie – he’s glam-rock-punk and possibly fashion icon to come with a vocal range that will give Axl Rose a run for his money. Simon Cowell even gave him a standing ‘O’ for his Tears For Fears cover ‘Mad World’. And according to Rolling Stone, Glambert (as he is now called) might have saved American Idol from being called I-Produce-Country-Idols and us from embarrassment when we get caught red-handed in front of the tube tomorrow night. Lambert is up against Kris Allen who is his polar opposite, and for that I hope he wins, or I’ll lick my black nail polish up!

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Catch Adam Lambert and the other American Idol dude go up against each other tonight and the finals tomorrow night at 6pm. If you can’t catch it on time, we suggest you don’t read any twitter messages or go online!