Ambush Design Montage Army Jacket

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Ambush Design

The end of the year is close and it’s time for you guys to cash in on your leave days to go on a holiday. Everyone needs a break and you should too, especially if you plan to  travel to  places like London, Paris, Australia, or the United States where your garment flexing capabilities are increased with the ability to layer like a motherf*cker because of weather reasons. This is why you’d be needing this Ambush Design Montage Army Jacket that sports over (approximately) a million pockets. Why do you need a million pockets you ask? Well, let’s do a checklist, when briskly walking around the city for the perfect Instagram picture, you’ll be carrying a phone, two power banks, a wallet, passport, 35mm film camera, film, DLSR camera (ya tourist!), shades, hat, beanie, snacks, gloves, maps, and other nonsense. Do you really wanna carry all that in a bag and struggle to dig for such stuff when needed or would you rather look like a swaglord-cum-Streetwear Batman master who miraculously has got everything stored in a pocket somewhere? Plus the sleeves/hood are detachable too, so yeah, save up and get this please.

Retails at ¥86,184. You can find the jacket here.