Amanda Palmer: Astronaut

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‘Astronaut’ is both intense and delicate at first listen. How can you expect anything less from the lead singer of Brechtian punk cabaret band The Dresden Dolls? Known for her dramatic stage setup and wardrobe, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? will be Amanda Palmer’s first solo effort and it’s produced by Ben Folds, who also appears on some tracks, playing percussion and keyboards. Former Rasputina member, Zoe Keating also plays cello in this LP. Amanda Palmer hinted that this album “Will be mostly piano ballads that did not quite fit The Dresden Dolls’ albums.” But fret not; there will also be energetic tracks so that it will not be a drag to listen to. Not enough with two projects at hand, she also collaborated with Jason Webly to form Evelyn Evelyn. Their first EP was released last year.

‘Astronaut’ is the first single out of Who Killed Amanda Palmer? Released by Roadrunner Records on September 19. Miss Palmer’s official website is

Text Ili Farhana

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