always have a camera at hand

I hate Murphy’s Law.

Today has been a bright, sunny, gorgeous day. Birds chirping, brooks trickling and wind wafting through your hair and all that (I’m just guessing on the last bit. I have no hair). Beautiful views. But I didn’t have the trusty JUICE camera with me! Oh woe! Must jump into Sungai Gombak now!

Anyway. Take my word for it; today was a good day. I was out helping out with preparations for the JUICE DJ Quest 2006 finals tonight, and mind-numbing waits outside supply warehouses and back-bending crate-lifting aside, it felt good to be out and about. KL, post-Merdeka, looked fine. Traffic was so-so, mostly because people just loooove to take an extra day off and turn a public holiday into a 4-day weekend. But it wasn’t til I was done with that i got to take a walk to the LRT station to get back to the office. I like KL.

Now excuse me while i drill this mantra into my head: Bring cam. Bring cam. Bring cam. Bring cam…