altimet’s ’she’ music video trailer out now!

MC/Producer/DJ/indie music mogul Altimet of the defunct Teh Tarik Crew has been making moves of late, first with the release of ‘Clap, Move’, featuring Ruffedge, and now with his new track ‘She’ looming on the horizon, you just know A is gonna deliver the goods and then some again. ‘She’ features production by former crewmate DJ Fuzz (who’s now making the rounds with the Stylustiks alongside DJs Uno and Cza) and guest vocalist Mawar Berduri of Ahli Fiqir on the hook. The video was helmed by none other than Atomdabomb of Phlowtron, who is also Creative Director of Phuture Phlow Productions. Yeesh. So much street cred, so little time.

Do we have access to the video trailer? Of course we have access to the video trailer. You crazy. Now go nuts over this: