“It’s almost as if a festival is going on” – Massive Crowd Flocks to Opening of UNIQLO Roadside Store

(Source: Says)

The grand opening for UNIQLO’s first-ever roadside store in DA Square is today (18 December), and while JUICE got to check it out at a special preview, everyone else seems to have literally taken leave/MC just to do so earlier this morning.

Various videos and pictures circulating social media show a flock of people waiting outside in line today.

Part of the reason for the crowd is due to a special 3-day promotion period that the Japanese retailer is offering which features goodie bags for the first 500 customers and a special UNIQLO tote bag to those who purchase RM200 or more in a single transaction.


Several netizens also commented on how packed the place was, and that the limited parking caused punters to park illegally at the side of the street.

(Source: I love Malaysian Food Facebook)

Other netizens shared their views on the crowd, questioning if any SOP’s were enforced, saying with that amount of people, there could be another COVID-19 cluster.

However, according to Facebook user KY Shum, the store had a limit of 140 people allowed inside at a time and police were also spotted controlling the movement of the crowd.

We understand that this might be an exciting day for a lot of UNIQLO fans here, but we do hope everyone follows the SOP’s! Stay safe, shop safe! #RakyatJagaRakyat