All Black Everything and a Piano on Fire: Johnnie Walker Black Label


Johnnie Walker has launched a striking new advertising campaign to bring to life the vibrant taste of the iconic Black Label we all know and love. The pungent whirlwind of rich exquisite flavours that explode in your mouth after downing a mouthful of Black Label is personified in the company’s new promotional film where we observe a dapper gentleman pouring black liquid over classical items of iconic luxury with a gusto strong enough to make anyone with any form of OCD break out into a messy fit. Vinyl players, ornate furniture, and even a retro beetle car become saturated in a thick tar-like goo upon the flick of the gentleman’s blazer sleeve covered wrist. The sheer genius of this advertising campaign is that the rapid transformation of a classy vintage heavy room with rose gold hints to a raven black Gothic wonderland, accurately depicts the characteristics of the malt whisky – classic with a dramatic flair and modern contemporary twist.

The latest edition to the Johnnie Walker collection, Double Black, which boasts a maltier more intense flavour with touches of vanilla is visually portrayed at the end of the film when the room is set aflame in a riveting stylised fashion. The smooth smoky feel of Double Black on the palate is embodied in the black charred setting, mimicking the extra charring of the casks in the formulation of Double Black. Double Black is illustrated as the younger edgier more badass cousin of the acclaimed Black Label. Regardless of whether you play for the Black Label or Double Black team, both are presented as the drink of choice for the refined 21st century gentleman – or the perfect drink to serve at parties to fool your friends into thinking you’re cultured and classy. Consume chilled with a ’50s fedora hat and cigar for added effect.

More information about Black Label here.