Alice Cooper Live in Singapore

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Mr. Vincent Damon Furnier is an avid golfer. But he is more fondly known to the world as hard(throb) metal legend  Alice Cooper, will be bringing his special brand of stage performance to our next door neighbour, Singapore for a one night only debut.

Older fans (no dad, not you) should be ready to whip out and squeeze back into their leather pants to join the younglings in a night to remember. Known for his love to incorporate horror movie type props like a guillotine, fake blood and creepy one eyed baby dolls into his stage set – we say Lady Gaga who? – we know we’re going to be entertained!

His No More Mr Nice Guy Tour in Singapore will coincide with the release of the much awaited album Welcome 2 My Nightmare which is the sequel to multiplatinum Welcome to My Nightmare. Be prepared to to yell your throat hoarse singing/relating to ’cause I’m eighteen I get confused every day eighteen, I just don’t know what to say, eighteen I gotta get away’ because everyone needs to unleash their inner teen angst.

The concert will be on 5 October at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore; doors opening at 7pm. For tickets to a legend… (wait for it)… dary night click here.

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