Algodón Egipcio: ‘Los Temas Turbios’

What in the name of all things JUICE are we doing writing about a Venezuelan artist? You must be wondering. Suddenly, we can speak fluent Spanish? We understand the language beyond the words “Si”, “No hablo Espanyol” and “Me Gusta”? To be really honest, we have no clue what this guy is saying, but we do know that ‘Los Temas Turbios’ means ‘The Murky Issues’. La Lucha Constante is the debut album of Algodón Egipcio, who will be touring Spain in February. The video for the closing song of the album was directed by Josh Rogers of Broken Machine Films and is the coming-of-age story from the deserts of the American Nevada’s in the 1960’s. Giant neon signs in the beginning of the video, and desert scenery in the latter half? Looks a bit like Vegas, but we’re pretty sure it’s not supposed to. The song has a melancholy feel to it, and seems nostalgic for a time when things were simpler.

There’s something ineffably soul searching-friendly about the desert, even when you are not aided by peyote from a mystical Native American shaman. And this track is exactly that, a music equivalent to the desert — sparse, haunting, and mirage-filled inbetween the synths. A good trip.

Watch the new video for ‘Los Temas Turbios’ below. Find more info on the Venezuelan act here.