LISTEN: alextbh’s Soulful, Plaintive Rendition of Folk-Gospel Song ‘Wayfaring Stranger’

Image KixASS

It’s no argument that alextbh is the breakthrough local act of 2016 – single ‘Stoop So Low’, released at the end of October ’16, has now reached 313k++ plays on Spotify, and the title track off EP alive is currently #1 on hitz fm’s MET10 chart. His blend of r’n’b and electronica, music genre du jour of this gen, is expected to resonate with the millennial palate – which makes his choice to cover folk-gospel song ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ a nice subversion of our expectations. The song, dating back anywhere from the 1780s to early 1800s depending on which historian you ask, has been sung by several generations of musicians; from Johnny Cash to Ed Sheeran. Here, as interpolated into Alex’s music styling, its subdued nature (a constant in all renditions) is heightened through his harmonised humming and then updated to modern times as the beat is gradually layered with the tropes of electronic music; water drop included.

Listen to it below:

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