LISTEN: Two Baes, One Track – Alextbh and Sam Rui’s ‘You’

Our wish came true last week – Alextbh and Sam Rui collaborated over the duration of the latter’s visit in KL for Welcome to Heartbreak, and the result is a stunning ballad by the two nu-r’n’b royalties of this region. ‘You’ is through and through an Alextbh number, longing for ex-boyfriends and all, but with the benefit of Sam’s syrupy vocals added to the heartache. Like his rendition of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, Alex’s production doesn’t go full-on maximalist and features just the right amount of subtlety for the singing to take centre stage — even when Sam is relegated to the background, barely singing intelligibly, as Alex croons away at the coda.

Listen to it below:

Watch Sam Rui explains what she thinks of Alextbh below:

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